The Most Important Question When Marketing New Technologies: “So What?”

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Jan 11, 2019 3:14:47 PM

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One of the hardest things about change is getting used to the “new normal.” To take that one step further, it is very difficult to educate others on what that “new normal” is, and why it is worth the change. This is one of the most challenging aspects of marketing new technologies. As stated in a Forbes article:

“Disruptive technologies typically solve complex business problems or create new business opportunities that can be hard to understand. You need a value proposition that is simple and clear, and focuses on outcomes and not on the complexities of how a particular solution works.”

In other words, it needs to make sense to people. On AI at Work, Rob May sat down with Gabi Zijderveld, CMO at Affectiva, where they are using computer vision to bring emotional intelligence to the digital world.

Gabi described the most important aspect of marketing a new technology is by asking the simple but important question: “So what?” She further explains:

“So what? Who cares? Who actually would be willing to spend money on that? How is it going to help them make their products better or generate more revenue or make their clients happier? It's really all about value prop and being able to articulate that clearly and with simple language. To this day, our CEO and I, we refer to our messaging as our talk track. We actually spend time sitting down and writing down, “what are the key points? What is the “so what?" … explain it in simple language.

You are bringing people on a journey, and this all starts with a simple first step… Let's not get focused on talking about the features in the technology, but always attach to that why it matters. Why it matters to our client. Why it matters to the market. That's kind of my constant game, ask these "why" questions and the "so what" questions. I think coming back to those best lessons. It's the clarity, simplicity, and focusing on the "so what" and value prop.”

The “So what?” mindset is vital to communicating the value of new technologies. It’s important to get into this mindset and put the value into its simplest terms. The simplest way to do this is to ask, “So what?”.

Tune in to this episode of AI at Work to hear more from Gabi Zijderveld and their lessons learned at Affectiva. Or, read the full transcription hereAnd, be sure to subscribe on iTunes or Google Play and share with your friends.

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