The Power of Automation

February, 26 2020

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One of the more perplexing and persistent problems for IT managers is ensuring that the right information is delivered timely, accurately, and entirely in an understandable and useable format to the people who need it. The average business's use of multiple, disparate, and unlinked computer systems and databases further complicates the applicability of possible solutions. The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning software provides new opportunities to resolve the issue.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is simply a machine's ability to mimic human reasoning. An AI machine learns from experience by processing enormous amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data sometimes indistinguishable to humans. AI machines are not creative, nor do they "think" in a human sense. Their conclusions are outcomes most likely to result based on the specific inputs provided. As a consequence, they can beat a world champion chess player, but cannot adapt to a new game without programming.

Fortunately, AI-enhanced software's ability to rapidly process vast amounts of data is the capability needed to divert reoccurring, dull work from human workers to computers.

The Cost of Query Redundancies

If you spend time in a customer call center, you will quickly learn that callers often ask the same questions about an account or a product. The questions are frequent enough that call center employees have canned responses for answers. Call center managers report boredom as a significant problem and one of the causes of high employee turnover.

Other departments in a company dealing with customers or employees have the same experience: the same queries and responses over and over. Human resources employees are flooded with employee calls when the company selects a new health plan despite hours of company meetings and voluminous publications explaining the details of the plan. Employees filing expense reports bombard accounting departments about reimbursement policies and form completion instructions.

Some communication experts claim that redundant, unnecessary calls account for 30% to 40% of customer/employee and employee/employee communications each day.

Talla Automation Services

Diverting routine customer and employee queries to an automated self-help system improves caller satisfaction, frees up valuable resources, and reduces costs. Adding an automation channel to a company's existing software, databases, and websites will enhance the user's experience without expensive reprogramming of legacy systems or the training typically associated with an off-the-shelf, standalone software package. Talla's AI-driven chatbots are linked to a business's existing software and database systems to ensure continuity of data while continuing to learn and automatically updating responses.

Departmental Opportunities for Automation

Any business department or function that is subject to routine, duplicative inquires about its work can benefit from an interactive automated response system. Customer Service, Human Resources, and Product Merchandising departments can especially benefit from Talla's Automation Service:

  • Customer Service. More and more customers prefer to easily search for answers to their questions about products, accounts, billings, and merchandise returns - self-service - than contacting a support agent. Studies of customer feedback suggest that nine of ten callers say they would use a knowledge base if it met their needs.
  • Human Resources. Forbes magazine claims that HR would benefit from AI-driven software" as the companies' first line in dealing with the 'human' component of their businesses."
  • Product merchandising. Following Amazon's pioneering use of AI and machine learning, retailers are automating their online merchandising. As a consequence, revenues increase per visit, and online merchandisers can work on value-adding activities.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of automation are indisputable when applied correctly. The advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing encourage the transfer of business functions to automated systems. The systems operate 24/7, always deliver the same information, and never get bored or frustrated.

Is it time for your company to explore possible applications of automation? There is little risk in investigating the opportunities and potentially large benefits if its use is warranted. 

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