4 Tasks To Delegate To Your Chatbot

September, 27 2018

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Alyssa Verzino

chatbot 2Companies have a love-hate relationship with chatbots. They can be a great resource to sales and support teams - when they have been trained properly and provided with the right information. But, quite often, they come up short of expectations. But all is not lost! When the correct planning and training is put in place, which includes combining the chatbot concept with a formidable knowledge base and highly tuned automations, automated technologies can be extremely valuable to an organization.

Here are four tasks organizations can - and should - delegate to their automated assistants, chatbots, or smart knowledge bases to increase team productivity and improve the customer and employee experience. 

Automate the training of new support reps.

Educating new customer support employees on all available offerings can be a challenge. Companies can scale and better support the support team by automating new hire onboarding and product trainings.

Ongoing education of employees.

Similar to the onboarding process, there can not be a set it and forget it mentality to understanding company offerings. This is particularly true if there are regular upgrades and consistent new rollouts to take into account. Chatbots can help employees stay current on the offerings and easily recall information they need.

Manage dynamic content that needs frequent updates.

And, alert the team when it is time to update the content. Well built technologies have the ability to understand when content is likely to be out of date through the use of machine learning models. This allows them to flag it as such so users know if the information they’re consuming is relevant or not.

Update content.

While the chatbot may not be able to update a product sheet or web page with the latest updates to an offering, it can notify those who need to either verify the content is outdated or update it. 

With the right planning and implementation of a smart knowledge base, chatbots and automation help improve a company’s operations and streamline efficiencies. 

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