Top 8 AI at Work Quotes

July, 18 2019

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Alyssa Verzino
AI at Work


On the podcast AI at Work we have had some great guests help us take a look at AI trends and the future of AI in the enterprise, providing insight on how to think about and effectively deploy AI. Check out this roundup of the top 8 quotes we have heard on the show so far.

  • "With AI today, it's about getting your head around its limitations. Nothing is 100% in the world, but saying, "I could get 90% of the way there. That would actually be an amazing efficiency." Think about that value. How big is your pain? How expensive is your problem to go unsolved? Someone can get you 90% there."
    - Vishal Sunak, CEO and Co-Founder, Linksquares
  • "The way that we think about it is that, typically, companies can get to hypergrowth and scale when you see a major megatrend in a market. You've got to make sure that you're riding that wave and using it as a tailwind. You have to do it in a way that's not just building technology for technology's sake. You have to have a deep understanding of how that market shift is going to help your customers solve some very meaningful problems."
    - Jeetu Patel, Chief Product Officer, Box
  • "Machine learning projects are an iterative process of figuring out what new set of data or features will bring a new level of accuracy. You keep on re-iterating on that as you improve the models. In the beginning, you can't tell when you will get to that accuracy level. Have that open mindset. It may take longer. It may take shorter. It may not have an exact four or six-month timeline."
    - Sameer Maskey, CEO and Founder, Fusemachines
  • “Of the best pieces of advice is to worry less about the term of artificial intelligence and worry more about the actual outcomes that are being promised and make the decision based on whether you believe that the AI company can deliver those outcomes. We keep confusing AI as the outcome. AI is the “how” to get to the outcome.”
    - Adam Martel, CEO and Co-Founder, Gravyty
  • "In the Industrial Revolution, we provided tools that made blue collar workers more efficient. Now, we're making tools that make white collar workers more efficient. It will change how people work. We will have to create workflows to not only improve the probabilities, but to deal with the uncertainties."
    - Murray Cantor, Co-Founder and CTO, Aptage
  • “It's given me some perspective on automating jobs and all the numbers that you see out there. It’s not just a statistic that ‘50% of jobs are going to be lost to AI and automation.’ It's a very personal thing. It motivated me to want to tell personal stories about the future of work.”
    - Erin Winick, Associate Editor of the Future of Work at MIT Technology Review
  • “The laws of business are not suspended for AI. What a business actually has to do is evaluate the offerings of the companies based on business outcomes, cost, and the time-to-value. If an organization sticks to those metrics, then it doesn't matter which of the technologies are hype or not hype. They can evaluate these businesses through traditional frameworks.”
    - Brendan Kohler, Co-Founder and CTO, Sentenai
  • "The key is, it's a very different type of technology than any other product that you buy.  You probably know this. For example, I buy a sports car, and I drive it off the lot, and it starts depreciating every day. The exact opposite happens when you buy AI. It is the worst it will ever be on day one. It is totally underwhelming, and every day it gets a little bit better. And by the end of the year, you've got a Batmobile."
    - Drew Magliozzi, CEO, Admithub 

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