Turn Slack Conversations into Knowledge Your Teams can Leverage

Posted by Paula Long on Jun 7, 2019 1:29:31 PM


We all know that Slack is awesome for knowledge creation. The ability for a team member to send out a question and quickly get a response is incredibly powerful -- we refer to this as transactional communication. For example, it’s great if you’re a support rep and your company has launched a new product. If you’ve been at the company for some time, you need to quickly figure out what’s changed and what’s still valid. If you’re a new rep, you need to quickly get up to speed on all the offerings. Yes, there might be training available, but people can only keep so much information in their head and searching online can be far too time-consuming. With Slack, you can simply post a question in your team's customer service channel, and get almost immediate results. Often, these types of channels have subject matter experts (SME) monitoring them and part of their job responsibilities is to answer these types of questions.
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How to Improve Speed and Accuracy for Your Sales and Support Teams

Posted by Juliette Kopecky on Oct 19, 2018 2:47:31 PM

Your sales, customer success, and support teams are at the front line of your business. They interact with prospects and customers on a daily basis, and those interactions can determine whether a customer purchases (and keeps purchasing) your product or service. Their main tool for driving revenue and decreasing churn is information. And how quickly they can access accurate information has a direct impact on your bottom line. Unfortunately, often times a company’s existing knowledge base is making their teams job harder.

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How A.I. Can Actually Accelerate Sales (Hint: It's Not with Chatbots)

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Aug 16, 2018 4:53:10 PM

Chatbots are being sold as the artificial intelligence cure-all for every business problem under the sun -- except sales. No one seriously believes that A.I. can replace actual humans when it comes to closing the most complex (and profitable) sales deals.

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Mapping The AI Buyer's Journey

Posted by Rob May on Mar 8, 2018 8:12:13 AM

For almost a decade now, the "buyer's journey" has been the lens through which B2B marketers view their customer. The general concept is that the typical B2B buyer does a significant amount of research before engaging with a seller, and the framework makes it easier to map content of various types to the stage of buyer research. But artificial intelligence has thrown a wrench into the buyer's journey.

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