Training your own AI replacement (and keeping your job, too)

Posted by Mike Manson on Jul 13, 2017 11:55:47 AM


When I make sales calls on behalf of Talla, I often run into a type of prospect I like to call the blue-collar tech worker. These are the everyday men and women who work in the trenches of IT, keeping hardware and software running on a tight budget with few resources. The blue-collar tech worker isn't the CIO or chief architect, he's the guy snaking CAT 5 cable through a drop ceiling, or the gal answering the panicked "my email is down" message at 2am on a Saturday and they are extremely valuable to the organization.   

Talla scares them because we sound like their worst nightmare. When really, Talla is the best thing that could happen to a everyday tech worker. Let me explain.

Lots of professionals out there are worried that artificial intelligence is going to put them out of work. Many live in fear that, any day now, a piece of software is going to replace them. It's why websites like Will Robots Take My Job? exist.

Talla is here to help automate Tier 1 or Tier 0 tech support -- and that work takes up a big part of the blue-collar tech worker's day. Blue-collar techies are the people who fix broken laptops, explain how to recover your email passwords, and reset the local wi-fi hotspot. When I pitch Talla, many blue-collar tech workers think I'm asking them to buy the software that's going to take their job.

The opposite is actually true. Talla isn't going to replace the blue-collar tech worker. Talla is going to empower them.

If the blue-collar tech worker spends most of their day answering helpdesk tickets -- usually the same helpdesk tickets time after time -- they can't spend their time getting ahead of problems or improving the IT in their workplace.

The IT Talla Service Desk chatbot merely suggests answers to common IT questions; it's still up the IT staff to actually approve and send the responses Talla creates. It keeps a real human "in the loop" so that we don't get another Microsoft Tay situation. Talla is the blue-collar tech worker's apprentice, but no IT staffer has to train their AI replacement with Talla.

Twenty years ago, hospitals and doctors employed huge staffs of people to fill out insurance claim forms and mail them to insurance companies. In the last 15-20 years, that work has shifted to the internet; you don't have to mail in those forms anymore, you submit them to a website. But hospital billing staffs haven't gotten any smaller in the last 20 years. Instead, the people that used to spend all day typing up paper forms and stuffing envelopes are now calling insurance companies to appeal claims that have been denied, so hospitals can make sure that they get paid everything they are really owed.

Technology didn't replace the people who used to file paper insurance claims, it let them spend their time doing more valuable work, and creating more value for their employers.

With Talla automating the Q&A of common IT problems, tech workers can climb out of the trenches and do more valuable work, too. Instead of spending all day answering the same IT questions over and over, Talla frees the everyday tech worker to focus their time on doing more valuable work than ever before.

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