Welcome to the Age of the Customer. Are your support teams prepared?

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Oct 11, 2018 3:02:44 PM

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We live in the age of the customer; quality of product alone no longer determines success. Customers have endless options. Now more than ever, it’s the customer experience that is the ultimate differentiator with the power to make or break a business.

With customer expectations rising rapidly, your company’s customer support reps need to be able to react quickly. AI is the most effective and efficient resource in a company’s toolbox to give them the boost necessary to react fast enough. Your customer support teams need access to the right information, now.

Steve Peltzman, CTO at Forrester Research, was on our podcast AI at Work providing valuable insight.

“If you're not solving customer’s problems in real time, if you're not creating unbelievable experiences everywhere they go, then they'll drop you in a heartbeat... You’ve got to fix it right then, right there. That's the expectation. With the expectations going up, you have to be able to react. The only way I think you can react that fast is with AI… If you don't start now, you're way behind. In fact, you're already behind.”

You can read the full transcription here for AI in the Age of the Customer with Steve Peltzman.

To start delivering a better customer experience, equip your support reps with Talla, and they will have the up to date, relevant, information at their fingertips. This means happier customers, and more productive customer service reps.

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