What AI Can Do for Customer Support Teams

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Mar 8, 2019 4:09:52 PM


If the marketing hype is to be believed, artificial intelligence will soon be able to completely replace your entire customer support team, yet somehow no AI solution is out there causing massive support headcount reductions at any major business or agency. As it turns out, current-generation AI is really good at exactly three things, and none of them is replacing an actual human support representative.

What AI is good for today are three kinds of tasks: predictions, automations, and classifications. AI can predict outcomes based on what has happened in similar past circumstances; AI can automate some repetitive tasks based on observations of past processes; and AI can classify items based on past identifications of similar data. While all of the skills can help your customer experience team, AI isn’t nearly ready to outright replace your entire support department.

That's where The PAC Framework for Customer Support Teams eBook comes in. The PAC Framework is an exercise for identifying prediction, automation, and classification tasks that AI can perform in your organization. At Talla, we've adapted this framework specifically to address the needs of Customer Experience teams, so you can find the best possible role for AI at your company, and the best possible AI solution for your support team.

For example, the eBook examines the following AI use cases:

  • Predicting Support Levels for Customer Inquiries
  • Automating Monotonous Ticketing Tasks
  • Classifying Duplicate Knowledge Base Content

With The PAC Framework for Customer Support Teams, you'll have the tools and techniques to identify the best AI applications for your own company. You can use the PAC Framework to evaluate potential AI solutions to empower and assist your customer experience teams. You may not employ AI to reduce support headcount, but AI can still make your staff more efficient, effective, and satisfied with their jobs (because anything that automates the tedious support ticketing process is going to make employees happier, guaranteed).

If you're ready to learn what AI can do for your Customer Support department, download The PAC Framework for Customer Support Teams eBook.

If you're ready to begin your journey towards AI excellence in your organization, contact Talla today.

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