What is a Knowledge Base, and Why Do You Need One?

March, 15 2018

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Written By
Juliette Kopecky

Knowledge base software is designed to capture, organize, and publish any information that you (or your company) uses on a regular basis. Given that we live in an age where we all produce ever more information, and that information is ever more critical to our (and our businesses') success, knowledge base software is rapidly becoming indispensable.

So, how do you find the right knowledge base software for your needs?

Many of us use personal knowledge bases like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, or Google Keep. These solutions make it easy for us to capture whatever web links, documents, images, or other data we might need or find useful later. Most of these solutions, however, are inadequate or ill-suited for use by multiple employees in a business setting. Enterprises require enterprise-grade knowledge base software.

When evaluating knowledge base software for your business, there are several factors to consider:

  • What is the definition of "knowledge base software"...?
    How does a simple file sharing solution like Dropbox, or a content management system like WordPress, differ from a full-featured enterprise knowledge base solution?
  • What are the core features of a knowledge base?
    What are the "table stakes" features of a knowledge base that any enterprise-grade solution should include?
  • Who will use your knowledge base?
    Is your knowledge base solution intended only for internal users, or will your customers and partners access the system, too? And how should the features of your knowledge base adapt to each of these use cases?
  • How do I calculate the ROI of a knowledge base solution?
    What key metrics drive the value of a knowledge base solution, and how can you use those to make a business case for adopting knowledge base software?

Each of these factors is examined in detail in Talla's Knowledge Base Software Buyer's Guide. In this eBook, we'll define the purpose and functionality of a knowledge base, introduce you to the "Four Cs" of knowledge base evaluation, and show you the one critical factor -- case-deflection -- that ensures a return on your knowledge base investment.

If your organization is ready to consider a knowledge base solution, the place to start your search is with Talla's Knowledge Base Software Buyer's Guide.

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