What IT Managers Need to Understand About Artificial Intelligence at Work

September, 5 2017

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One of the biggest mistakes an IT department can make today is to ignore artificial intelligence. With new technology comes digital revolution and it goes without saying how vital it is to stay up-to-date with major, disruptive changes. Similar to the move to mobile and the push toward cloud computing in past years, artificial intelligence is an emerging technology changing the way business is run. AI can be a powerful player in amplifying your business’ success, from automation, to data analysis, to predictive and proactive monitoring.

As an executive or manager looking to integrate AI into IT, you need to be on the leading edge of this movement.

There are four key areas in which AI can enhance your IT division, all of which lend themselves to protecting your company’s data, a central component of any IT department.

Data Security

Hacking is no stranger to IT and unfortunately, without AI’s power of anticipation and monitoring and up-to-date software, the threat, whether originating outside of the company or within, can be imminent. AI can predict where an attack would likely come from and potentially prevent it from happening at all. In cases where anticipation is not possible, AI utilizes monitoring and will alert personnel as soon as hacking occurs. 

Technological Failures

Just as new technology is on the rise, old technology is constantly being replaced. AI has the ability to anticipate and monitor failures of a company’s technology, identifying ahead of time if a server is on its way out or if hardware is no longer running the most secure versions of the software. This foreknowledge saves time, money and keeps company data protected.

User Failures

IT professionals are no strangers to the acronym PEBCAK (Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard). If an employee is struggling to grasp new software, AI can step in and alert IT early on in order to provide training and assistance. Competent usage of new technology ensures greater data security.


While squaring away tedious everyday IT tasks, like answering repetitive questions, is not the most exciting part of the job, it’s a part of the job that needs to be done. With AI, those tasks can be automated away to an intelligent chatbot like Talla which builds up a knowledge base specific to your business.

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