Where Prediction Fits in Your Support Workflows

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Aug 13, 2019 2:11:01 PM



Customer support teams are prime candidates for adopting artificial intelligence, provided your company is ready for AI, and you ask AI to do one of three things: Predict, Automate, or Classify. Today, we're going to talk about three areas where AI's ability to predict outcomes can be useful to support.

To be most effective, artificial intelligence should have access to both your support knowledge base and to your support team's communications with customers. That way, AI can see what content gets used to address customer issues, and to what effect.

Predict Missing Support Contents & Topics

If artificial intelligence can see what questions your customers are asking, and it can also see what content your support team references or shares to answer those questions, then AI can detect when your knowledge base doesn't have the documentation needed to solve some common customer problems. Given a little time, AI can lay out an editorial to-do list to enhance and extend your support knowledge base to cover some key topics -- or provide additional, needed clarity on existing subjects -- that can help your support team provide better, easier customer service.

Predict Common and Timely Support Issues

Artificial intelligence can do more than just predict which answers need to be added to your knowledge base; it can predict what questions your customers are likely to ask, too. This functionality can go beyond showing which questions are asked most often, or what types of customers have what type of support issues. AI can detect subtler, more nuanced patterns -- like the fact that you may get a spike in pricing questions at the start of each quarter (when competitors update their pricing), or that monthly Windows service pack updates lead to software integration questions.

AI can spot the cycles and behaviors that influence the questions and issues your support team has to deal with. These insights can help your support team better prepare for what customers need.

Predict Support Agent Attrition

Artificial intelligence is capable of understanding extremely subtle communication cues, including predicting when someone is slipping into depression or is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. After acclimating to your support team, AI can perform the comparatively low stakes task of predicting when members of your support team are disengaged, burned out, or preparing to resign. The types and tenor of communication that precede resignations or performance drops may be too subtle for human notice, but AI can spot them.

With the help of AI prediction, you can intervene before you lose valuable team members, and you can adjust your processes and policies to avoid overtaxing your support team.

Bring AI Prediction to Customer Support

Artificial intelligence is a natural fit for customer support teams, but deploying AI in support environments can be tricky, and requires matching the solution to your specific needs.

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