Why Chat Platforms are the Most Important Tool for HR to Adopt

May, 2 2017

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According to Human Resources Today, the biggest HR trends for 2017 will be:

  • Ongoing (not annual) performance reviews
  • Predictive analytics for employees
  • Social media-based hiring
  • Continuous online learning for employees

Written in between the lines there is an unspoken edict: Every human resources department should be adopting enterprise chat platforms in 2017.

Enterprise chat platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Hipchat have a number of key advantages over current communications tools like email, instant messaging, or old-fashioned voice calls.

First, the default state of chat platforms is to share data, not to silo it. Emails and phone calls only include people you explicitly contact; chat posts go to everyone within a wide subject channel unless you go out of your way to make them private. 

Chat makes all these shared conversations widely and simply searchable, so any data not immediately noticed is easily found at a later time. Centralizing the location of your information doesn't just make your life easier—it's good for the whole company. 

Enterprise chat platforms offer third-party app integrations and bots to automate many tasks from within chat, which enhances every user's productivity with access to information and the ability to streamline processes. These allow you to cut down on things like answering the same questions, so you can dedicate time to strategic inititives. 


Finally, chat is a treasure trove of conversational data that can be analyzed and harnessed by modern machine learning systems.

To revisit the trends above, ongoing performance reviews will require both open communication between team members and their supervisors, as well as an easy means of reviewing those communications to ensure ever-shifting directives are followed and goals are met. Chat's de-siloed, easily searched communications are ideal for ongoing performance reviews. Access to information is the key to that—and chat is here to help.

Predictive analytics -- which use behavioral data to improve change management -- require enough behavioral data for a prediction algorithm to accurately forecast and offer insights. That's why directing basic conversation into a rich, searchable index like Slack or Microsoft Teams is ideal for forward-thinking HR departments -- it puts the majority of employee conversations in a place where they can be properly analyzed.

Social media-based hiring may not seem like a natural match for enterprise chat, but given that Slack can integrate with almost any mainstream social media platform, chat systems can become an easy command-center for sending and receiving social media data as part of a hiring campaign.  

Continuous online learning requires continuous online communication and, by harnessing enterprise chat apps, you can not only continuously offer learning opportunities to your employees, but monitor and adapt those offerings as employees respond. A tool like Talla, which can keep employees informed and productive by answering questions, handling support issues and sending enterprise chat messaging campaigns,  to further enhance this process.

ChatOps -- the process of adapting modern business operations to take advantage of enterprise chat platforms -- is the order of the day. ChatOps is coming to human resources very soon and the only way to be ready for is for HR to join chat -- and to do it now.Get Your Free Ebook: How HR Can Use Slack Effectively


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