Why Enterprise Search Tools are the Wrong Answer to the Right Problem

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Apr 9, 2019 1:18:00 PM


Information is critical to the success of any modern business, so it's no surprise that many companies are enticed by enterprise support tools. These tools, however, are often a band-aid to a larger information organization and curation problem -- one that modern automation tools are better disposed to solve than old-fashioned search software.

There are three key obstacles to utilizing your critical business data:
  1. The data is misplaced
  2. The data is incorrect
  3. The data is absent

Search tools can only help you solve for the first item on this list. Automation can solve all three.

First, automation can perform the same indexing functions that search tools offer -- in fact, most content automation solutions include robust search -- but they go further in solving information organization problems. True content automation connects to your content creation tools and ensures that once you've added a new document or image to your collection, it is categorized within a holistic, centralized knowledge base.

Using automation to keep watch over your content creation ensures that your knowledge base contains all critical business data, so no one needs to go on a "scavenger hunt" in parallel systems or user-accounts looking for needed documents or information.

Automation can also monitor the age and accuracy of the content in your centralized knowledge base. If articles fall out of use -- they stop being read, stop being cited, or stop being shared -- they likely aren't useful. Automation can flag these disused items for update or elimination. If the articles are shared, but your team always adds notes or corrections when they pass them on, automation can capture these ad hoc corrections and list them for inclusion in the documentation itself.

This same conversational monitoring can also note when your team is forced to find answers outside your documentation. If, for example, there's a "reporting guy" on your team whom everyone always asks for information because no formal reports exist, automation can document not only how often this individual is bothered for one-off answers, but what recurring requests the subject matter expert receives. Properly harnessed, content automation can develop a list of needed documentation and data that will answer the most questions with the least effort, driving value within your knowledge base.

Enterprise search just tracks down all the places your data has been scattered, but it can't organize or update that documentation, let alone provide search results for data that has never been formally captured. Only true content-aware automation can solve for incomplete, misplaced, or outright missing documentation.

Talla is building an artificially intelligent knowledge base and content-aware customer service assistant to help solve all the information management problems that enterprise search can't. If you're ready to start solving your customer service knowledge gaps with modern automation, contact Talla today.

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