Why Insurance Customer Service Requires More Than Just Search Results

Posted by Alyssa Verzino on Jun 25, 2019 2:47:00 PM



Most customer service contact centers rely on internal search tools to help service team members find answers quickly, but conventional search software often isn't good enough for insurance company call teams. Bad search leads to delayed or bad answers, and bad answers lead to poor and expensive service. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can fix your internal search, even if you're a long-suffering insurance company.

Complex insurance policies, most written in specific industry and legal jargon, are hard to read and hard to parse, requiring call center staff to translate basic customer service questions like "Am I covered for hail damage?" or "Have I met my deductible?" into the proper terminology before resorting to a search tool. The more complicated the policies, the more difficult they are for conventional search tools to handle.

Artificial intelligence can close this gap. In Talla's newest eBook, "How Insurance Companies Can Use Automation to Improve Customer Service", we describe how to deploy and implement AI so your internal service tools can provide real answers, rather than just return a list of links for your call center reps to follow.

Armed with an AI assistant that can answer insurance questions in plain English -- "Yes, you are covered for hail damage" or "No, you're deductible still has $200 remaining" -- your contact center team can more easily and more quickly deliver the high-quality service that customers deserve and expect.

To achieve these results, AI tools must be deployed to specific areas of your customer service operation and must be implemented in particular ways. "How Insurance Companies Can Use Automation to Improve Customer Service" describes the best practices for rolling out AI virtual assistants to your contact center to deliver optimal value and service.

If you're ready to move beyond primitive search and give your contact center team the most modern tools available, download "How Insurance Companies Can Use Automation to Improve Customer Service" now.

And if you're ready to begin your journey towards next-generation, AI-enhanced customer service, contact Talla today.

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