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March, 16 2020

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Tools To Help Teams Work From Home and In Distributed Formats

The COVID-19 novel coronavirus has created some challenges with continuity for some teams by changing the workplace dynamic from one where close working conditions and a "shoulder-tap" culture have been migrated to remote and technical collaboration out of a move to create some social distance and help keep teams healthy. Since Talla succeeds by sharing - we figured we would put together a list of our favorite collaboration tools that we use in our daily work. As you'll see - we do love our own software - but all of these tools are here by merit - and this list is simply great software which can help you do your best work in distributed teams. 

We recommend the following: 


Knowledge Sharing, Retrieval and Distribution for Team and Customers

We at Talla believe that the best way to keep an operation running smoothly and your customers happy is to be able to locate and share information - and in some cases extend that with business process automation. We use Talla on our own internal support systems to be able to build up our organization. Talla can help you answer repetitive questions, freeing up your human workforce to handle the ever-evolving planning and strategy situations which are arising. If you do not already have Talla, it can help glue together your knowledge teams, whether it's customer support or internal policy and compliance. It can help all your teams, regardless of location, time, attrition or unavailability. In our (biased) opinion, it is the single most important tool to remain productive in this phase of our economy and for remote or semi-remote teams:


Team Communication Platforms

At Talla we gravitate towards Slack for our company chat, although we always have people using our other integrated platforms. Most of our remote decision making and one-to-one messaging happens there, and it integrates into a lot of our other platforms as well as provides a nice API for our own AI and bots to message us in one convenient place.


Tasks and Priority

For long term and bit planning, financial summary sales pipeline and priority, and major points of strategy we use Airtable, and we plan shorter term tasks in Trello:


Video Conferencing / Team Conference

While there are many platforms to choose from here, we try to keep it simple. If it's an internal only meeting, we'll use Google Hangouts, and if we have a customer presentation or external team collaboration, we typically use Zoom. Both are great:


Email and Calendar

We use Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar. It's simple, tied together and integrates nicely. There's also GChat in that suite of products, but we simply don't use GChat that much. We've found that for us, Slack just seems to be a better fit, and has critical mass in all of our functions. For our team members that need to schedule external meetings, we choose - as it avoids the situation of, "let me know a few times which work and I'll get back to you with an opening that works", and lets you move right on to the business of scheduling meetings and doing meaningful work.


Visual and Design Collaboration

We use Invision in some cases, but in most cases, it's Figma. Especially in remote situations, where ideas may not come through with the help of body language - remember: it's way easier to iterate on a design prototype than in code being tested for production. Work through your ideas collaboratively in a great visual platform:


Cloud Security Management

We like Sonrai Security because it allows you to monitor your critical data which sits in the public cloud.


Financial / Accounting Software

Botkeeper allows you to keep a high productive financial team. It is great at keeping up with tasks which may keep your team busy during key reporting times.



By this point in time, everyone should know you can save a lot of time using Expensify:



Helping each other is the best way to get through rapid change. We hope our software recommendations for how we work in distributed teams can help you, or help your team with ideas on how to work from anywhere around the globe.

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